Season 2 guarantees that we will get 600% more crowns


The game will start its new season (medieval-themed) in a matter of days, and it seems that this season includes costumes, rewards and crowns for everyone.

Next week, Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will begin, which will be loaded with new costumes, trials and rewards, most of them with medieval settings. For this reason Mediatonic wanted to share even more details on how much news we can expect on their social networks. Specifically, a tweet from the developer that talks about the prizes and the possibility of getting 600% more crowns simply by playing, accumulating experience and leveling up, draws attention.

“We heard you all loud and clear. Winning crowns in Fall Guys against 59 other people can sometimes be a bit difficult. That’s why for Season 2 we have added 600% more Crowns among the rewards for the season … Which means special suits for everyone! “, Reads one of the tweets of the official account. In any case, don’t let the most competitive players be discouraged, as Mediatonic is also working on a new type of challenge only suitable for the best players.

The medieval season

Wizards, dragons, witches, Viking warriors, knights … Season 2 of Fall Guys will be medieval (and never better said). “There will be new costumes, emotes, and rewards for players as they besiege Ediad Media,” promised Mediatonic in its presentation. “We will have dragon fire, medieval fortresses and knights pushing apaladins. Whatever it takes to re-engage players in its fun tests, which made the title the most successful PC launch since Overwatch, despite the fact that in recent days it has lost some steam in pursuit of the other game of the moment, Among Us.

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