You season 2: the face of Joe’s mysterious neighbor revealed!


Season 2 of You has been available for days on Netflix. A mysterious woman has entered and we know more about her identity!

Netflix posted season 2 of You online several days ago. Fans are there and many are asking questions about a mysterious character in the final season. Please note, the article contains spoilers!

You fans have finally been able to find Joe on Netflix with season 2. It arrived on December 26 on the platform and it already seems to be a big success. In this new season, Joe left New York to escape his demons and settled in Los Angeles. The stalker struggled to manage his new life and found himself a new victim: Love Quinn.

During several episodes of season 2 of You, fans have seen the relationship between Joe and Love evolve. However, Joe mostly had to deal with his ex-income from the dead: Candace. This new season has not been without surprises since fans have discovered the true face of Love Quinn. The young woman killed many people and it was learned that she was pregnant with Joe at the end of the season.

So, Joe and Love chose to settle together in the last episode of season 2 of You. Nevertheless, it seems that the series has started a next season. Indeed, Joe and Love Quinn have a mysterious neighbor who has not yet shown her face. However, it seems that the stalker is interested in her and she could be his next victim. So the fans wondered about the identity of the mysterious woman and they ended up finding some clues. In the end credits, we can see written: “Mysterious Woman: Tiffany Lonsdale. ”

Tiffany Lonsdale is not an actress very well known to the public. The latter played in Ave, Cesar! and she appeared in the Swat series. Nevertheless, in the IMDb page, she seems well credited for having played in season 2 of You in 2019. For the moment, little is known about the mysterious woman in the series. Nevertheless, we can suspect that Tiffany Lonsdale will be in the casting of the next season and that she will have a more important role.


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