You season 2: this bloody theory about Love that is making the buzz!


Joe returned in season 2 of You and the last few episodes surprised fans. Besides, they have a theory about Love Quinn.

For several weeks, Netflix subscribers have been able to watch season 2 of You. This introduced a new character and fans have many theories. Please note, the article contains spoilers!

Over a year ago, Netflix subscribers got to know Joe in the You series. Joe is a bookseller who falls in love with Beck and does not hesitate to harass her and kill her loved ones in order to get closer to her. At the end of the first season, the character killed Beck and he had to face his ex: Candace again. Fans loved the series and it has been renewed for Season 2.

On December 26, Netflix released season 2 of You online. So, we find Joe in Los Angeles and he tries to fight against his demons. However, he meets Love, a young woman who lost her husband. However, in the season finale, we learn that Love has made many victims and fans wonder who she could have killed.

Joe came across stronger than him in Season 2 of You. Indeed, Love hides her game well since she killed Delilah as well as her nanny who had abused Forty when they were younger. Thus, Love seems to be a serial killer and fans are asking many questions about her. Fans have since believed that Love killed her husband, and many have spoken out. “Love is crazy and she stays with Joe. I think she killed her husband, “said a fan on Twitter.

Some fans even think that Love Quinn is even crazier than Joe in You. Indeed, for them, she has no heart and was cruel in killing Candace or Delilah. “I thought Joe was the only real patient. But no, Love Quinn is more troubled than he is, “said a fan on the social network. In any case, this new female character leaves no one indifferent and the fans hope to have a season 3.


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