Season 15 adventure begins in PUBG Mobile Royale Pass


PUBG Mobile has started to meet with players for the 15th season of the Royale Pass experience. “A.C.E. In the new season titled “And Beyond”, the actors are presented with new and stylish costumes as well as many other new content. Starting today, players will be able to customize their characters with eight new costumes.

Season 15 of the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass offers players reimagined versions of the game’s classic outfits, with previously unseen costumes and item skins. Players who join this new season and complete various in-game missions; By earning special themed rewards, they will also have the opportunity to improve PUBG’s original character outfits.

In Season 15, in addition to the rewards, the user interface and rewards view of the game are also improved. Favorites section has been moved. Now players can see both the rewards they have leveled up and the rewards they haven’t received yet. It will also be possible to purchase coupons directly from the coupon window. However, RP points earned between seasons will automatically be converted into ordinary scorecards. A video showing the innovations of the new season has also been prepared.

In addition, various changes have been made to PUBG Mobile’s membership options:

  • Plus Membership rewards can be redeemed with three 300UC coupons instead of a single 900UC coupon
  • Added new notifications for RP point purchases
  • Added a video about RP subscriptions and monthly price details.

Shortly before the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 15 started, the PUBG Mobile New Era update, which brought important changes to the game, started to meet with the players.


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