Search, the military K-Drama that you cannot miss


The story of Search will catch you as you progress through the episodes of this drama. We are approaching a new month and with it, more K-Dramas will arrive that we can enjoy. One of them will be Search, a military production full of mystery that will captivate your attention as you accompany the characters on their journey, we will tell you what this series is about.

OCN’s new drama will show us a suspenseful story that you don’t want to miss. This television channel will capture its characteristic dark aura for a story about unknown creatures that will put the protagonists at risk.

Search tells the story of a member of the army who, as part of his military service, has dedicated himself to training dogs for his team, but when he is about to retire from this work and be discharged from the military, he is sent to a special mission to the demilitarized zone of South Korea.

The reason? There have been some mysterious disappearances and some of them have ended in murders, so a special team must come to investigate what is causing this scenario.

This military man is Sergeant Yoon Dong Jin, who will meet strange creatures on his arrival in the demilitarized zone, so we will see a survival story of a group of people who will try to escape from danger.

The cast of Search will feature stars like Jang Dong Yoo as Yong Do Jin, Krystal as Son Ye Rim, Moon Jung Hee as Kim Da Jung, and Yoon Park as Song Min Hyuk.

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Search will begin its transmission from October 17, launching two weekly episodes that will keep you aware of the continuation of the story.

You can watch the trailer for Search below:


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