‘Search Results’ Improvement that Satisfies Users from the Google Play Store

With more than 2.8 million applications, Google Play Store, the world’s largest mobile app store, now allows you to directly see the total number of downloads and size of the app in search results.

It is very easy to install applications in Google Play Store, one of the largest application stores in the world. Just open the Play Store, search for the app you want, and tap Install, but you may want to know more about an app you will be downloading for the first time from more than 2.8 million app bars already.

However, there are a few important details to consider when comparing different apps in the same category. Undoubtedly, user reviews, number of downloads and size of the application are the main ones. Google now displays this information directly in search results.

Search results in the Play Store previously only showed the developer’s name, the app’s rating, and the price. Now, app size and number of downloads have also been added. In addition, under the applications you have already installed, there will be ‘Installed’ or ‘Update’ hereafter.

Although it is not a groundbreaking innovation, this change, which contributes to the user experience, enables information about applications to be accessed much more transparently and quickly. However, if you haven’t seen the change in the Play Store yet, you don’t have to worry because this innovation in the app store will be offered to users gradually.

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