Search Party: Season 4 trailer brings search for Dory


The black humor series Search Party had its 4th season trailer released by HBO Max, showing that friends will once again need to get together on a search, but this time they need to find just a search companion, Dory, who has been kidnapped . However, without the group leader, the friends soon lose their strength in their rescue plan.

The video features the new additions from the cast, Susan Sarandon, Busy Philipps and Ann Dowd.

Watch the trailer:

Synopsis of the 4th season of Search Party

Dory (Alia Shawkat) is held prisoner by her psychotic stalker Chip (Cole School), who is determined to make Dory believe they are best friends. Meanwhile, Portia (Meredith Hagner) is starring in a film about the trial, although not as herself; Elliott (John Early) moved on to become a conservative far-right talk show host; and Drew (John Reynolds) is trying to escape his dark past by working as a cast member in costume at a theme park.

As friends begin to connect the dots that Dory may not be touring Europe as his fake social media suggests, they must decide whether to leave their traumatic past behind and once again become a hunt group – but this time, by Dory.

Search Party was a series originally broadcast on the TV channel TBS, a broadcaster on which it aired its first two seasons. From the third year on, the program moved to a new location, being distributed by HBO Max.

The initial three episodes of season 4 will be streamed on January 14, while the final three episodes will arrive the following week, on the 21st.


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