Search intensifies for a kidnapped Miami girl


Police in South Florida are asking the community for help finding the 10-year-old girl who disappeared in the area between North Bayshore Drive and 78th Road.

Randi Canion was last seen around 11pm on Saturday. An Amber Alert was issued for her on Tuesday.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Randi could be with an unknown man and they could be traveling together in a white van.

Authorities said Randi had braids in her hair when she was last seen.

Agents continue to search the neighborhood for clues or someone who may have seen something. Police have confirmed that some interrogations have been taking place, but have not yet said whether they are related to the girl’s disappearance.

Police said Randi ran away from home three times before. Once they called the authorities and got her back. The other two times she returned home on her own shortly after she left.

In a few days, the girl will be 11 years old, according to her relatives. Anyone with information should contact the Miami Police Department at 305-604-6300 or 911.


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