Search By Hair Type, What’s New On Pinterest


Pinterest: When you want to find some kind of content on the Internet you always turn to some kind of search portal for it. This is common, but the curious thing is that when you enter a site you can find more precise tools. And it is that the filters are very helpful, but in the case of Pinterest they will be even more so thanks to its new search by hair type.

More ideas to find your next hairstyle

Pinterest is characterized by being the social network of images that can give you ideas for a project. Their community is very focused on art and sharing tips, which will go further with Idea Pins. But sometimes adding new things isn’t the only thing an app needs, it can also improve by giving new capabilities to existing features.

And it is that the company has given a new function to its search engine, since now it will be possible to filter the photos by the type of hair. Thanks to its object detection artificial intelligence, the system is able to differentiate between different types of hair. You will have no less than six options to choose from, namely: protective, frizzy, curly, wavy, straight and shaved/bald.

Every time you do a search related to beauty, you will surely come across this new filter that you can use. Both in the application for smartphones and in the version for browsers, you will have the section placed between the photos and the search engine.

You just have to run the search by hairstyle, as we mentioned, and then choose one of the previous options presented in an icon with its corresponding button. The system will take care of filtering the photos, which will only appear only those that resemble what What are you looking for.

In case you’re wondering, Pinterest’s new hair type search option is a feature that can already be used in our country as well as others like France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.