Sean White talks about leaving the Olympics: Wish list, TikTok and surfing lessons with Nina Dobrev


Sean White and Nina Dobrev at the premiere of the film “The Best Shooter: Maverick” in London on May 19, 2022. James Vasey/Shutterstock

To the next one. A few months after participating in the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Sean White provided Us Weekly with exclusive information about his life, which, fortunately for him, still includes snowboarding, skateboarding and traveling the world with the love of his life — Nina Dobrev.

Timeline of Nina Dobrev and Sean White’s relationship

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“Honestly, it’s great,” White, 35, said at the launch party of the CELSIUS Arctic Vibe: Sparkling Frozen Berry at Joya Beach in Miami on Thursday, July 21, about his newfound retirement. “I mean, it’s hard to say because obviously I’ve competed in a lot of Olympic Games, and at this point I usually take the season off after a break, just to, you know, get excited again. And so, everything seems to be going according to plan. I think the weird part will be the winter season after that. I’m like, “Oh, wait, I think school’s not over yet.”

Photos from the party! Sean White and GF Nina Dobrev celebrate his retirement from the Olympics

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The three-time Olympic gold medalist added that he was “lucky” that he had to decide when to retire from the competitive sport of snowboarding — a career that spanned almost 20 years of his life. “I think that was the biggest weight off my shoulders before retirement that I can just enjoy [snowboarding],” White said.

Sean White at the CELSIUS Arctic Vibe Launch Party at Joia Beach Club on July 21, 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida. John Parra / Getty Images for CLD

He added: “I think the most important thing I would like to say is that usually at the end of the day I start to feel bad about something. Not bad, but I will feel remorse for neglecting my sport. I’m like, “Oh, I didn’t stretch or train on the days I should have.” good.”

The best moments of Nina Dobrev and Sean White’s style: photos

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Now that he has more downtime, the WHITESPACE owner can engage in the unpleasant pleasures of life, such as creating creative content in TikTok.

“I convinced my girlfriend to go on TikTok, and now she’s all about it. And now I have to watch her just surpass me in a matter of minutes. It’s like, ‘No!’ Not that I’m competitive at all,” he joked to us. “No, but it’s so much fun, and just to do things like drop in for a minute, go to these events and take your time. And start crossing off items from this list.”

From visiting the “amazing” French town of Avion, where the Vampire Diaries graduates have a family, to hanging out with a friend Miles Teller at a UFC fight in Las Vegas, White travels the world giving surfing lessons to 33-year-old Dobrev.

Maldives! Dubai! Inside Nina Dobrev, Sean White’s Epic Vacation: Photos

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“Now I’m teaching Nina how to surf. She’s so talented as a snowboarder, which is great because I had a past relationship when they didn’t know how to snowboard, and I’m a terrible coach. I’m like, “You just do it!” But now she’s addicted to surfing. She’s excited about it, so now we’re trying to find places where we can surf, relax and have fun… She caught about seven waves in Hawaii and it was like she felt it, yeah!”


The professional athlete and “Redeeming Love” star recently danced the night away while listening to Zedd’s DJ set at a party dedicated to the launch of the CELSIUS energy drink. “We’ve done a lot in Europe… but to be honest, after this whirlwind, we’re just happy — like we are in Miami — we’re happy to relax a little bit.”

This is followed by a trip to Mount Hood, Oregon, to test samples of snowboards for the upcoming fall presentation of White for WHITESPACE.


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