Sean McKay Admits One Regret about the deal with Jared Goff


After the 2020 season, Sean McVeigh and the Los Angeles Rams traded the Pro Bowl quarterback to the Detroit Lions for Matthew Stafford. Although this step might have seemed easy at the time, it wasn’t easy for McVeigh.

In a recent interview, McVeigh lamented that there was no better message about his feelings for Goff. He made it clear that he greatly respects and appreciates Goff and that the decision to trade him was difficult.

“It was difficult for me, because the most important thing is to be a good communicator — clear, open and honest. Make sure that people are not caught off guard, and really respect the players and coaches for what they have to do. And I would like personal communication to be better,” McVeigh said.

“The only thing that hurt me is that I would never want anyone to misunderstand my appreciation and respect for Jared. Was it a difficult decision? Yes. Were there any things I could have handled better in terms of the clarity provided to him? Without a doubt…”

Sean McVeigh said he also regrets that he didn’t have the guts to tell Jared Goff face-to-face when the team was on the verge of trading him, and explain where the team stands with him. He feels he should have handled it better as a Rams leader.

“But I care about Jared. He’s done a hell of a lot of good things. And I think what shows what a stud, what a great actor he really is, is one of the best text messages I’ve received since the Super Bowl, from Jared Goff. And so I think the further we get away, the more we will appreciate the wonderful four years we spent together — because there were a lot of really good moments…

“But in general, I would only like better communication, more clarity. And I didn’t like the outside narrative, but I think he knows where my heart was. sit down, be honest with each other, and I think we both have a lot of respect for each other.

After all, Sean McVeigh, Matthew Stafford and the Rams won the Super Bowl, the Lions received valuable draft capital to rebuild their team, and Goff has lowered expectations.