Sean Connery’s last film before his death


Although the actor San Connery announced his retirement from acting in 2012, it was not exactly true, since he had one last role before his death, but in an animated film.

Although he had retired from acting, the actor played his last role, but to lend his voice in the animated film Sir Billi. Perhaps little is known about it, since it was mainly presented in plays in the UK.

But, it was renamed Guardian of the Highlands for release in the United States, where it was only available on demand or on DVD. The film didn’t exactly surprise critics upon its release.

Unfortunately, the animated film did not have a very good criticism, despite having the vocal presence of actor Sean Connery, in fact, it was not liked by children or adults for its poor quality and animation.

Sir Billi provided an unexpected end to Connery’s legendary career, but for the actor, the low-budget animated film was a worthy project to break out of retirement because it made his grandchildren happy and allowed him to support Scottish filmmakers.

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