Seagate Game Drive SSD For Xbox Series, Review: Pure Comfort, Pure Speed


Seagate: We reviewed Seagate’s new plug-and-play external SSD for the Xbox Series family of consoles. An excellent product to not give up anything. The new generation of consoles has come accompanied by the concept of “convenience.” SSD internal storage memories are all advantages: data transfer, writing and reading speed. Saying goodbye to fade-to-black screens and turning those seconds of waiting into game time is a condition we no longer want to leave behind.

There is only one but on Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5: the small volume of space available, currently expensive and expensive. That is why manufacturers like Seagate offer us additional solutions to maintain that speed and increase storage space. From MeriStation we have tested the Seagate Game Drive 1 TB SSD for several days to turn our game library into a real library.

Small but bully; this is the Seagate Game Drive SSD from Xbox

We will be clear from the beginning: we have been delighted. Despite being an external drive, unlike in the previous generation, here we only renounce the possibility of running next gen titles from this peripheral due to incompatibility with data writing speeds.

The plug-and-play concept is always a joy; Mainly because there is no console to open, no software to install, and no more than a couple of minutes to run a product we highly recommend. Especially if the terabyte of storage of Xbox Series X or the 512 GB of Xbox Series S you fall short.