Seagate confirms SSD FireCuda 530 is compatible with PS5


Seagate announced the SSD PCIe Gen4 NVMe M.2 FireCuda 530 in late June and confirmed this Thursday (29th) that the product will be compatible with the demands of read speed and dimensions of the PS5.

“We did tests with Sony on the PlayStation 5 and we can confirm that the FireCuda 530, with the heatsink, meets all console requirements. With the PS5 design, the SSD space is very narrow, and it doesn’t have an environment. room for the product to mount. Yet with the FireCuda 530, the slim design makes fitting possible,” said Jeff Park, Country Manager, Seagate Australia.

PlayStation has recently published the minimum requirements for M.2 SSDs for storage expansion, which will be available to console software beta program subscribers starting today (29)

Within the requirements, the product must have a read speed above 5,500 MB/s – FireCuda has 7,300 MB/s. In addition, it must have dimensions smaller than 110mm x 25mm x 11.25mm and have a heat sink, either built-in or installed by the user.

You can check out all the details in Sony’s original post, with a brand guide to assembly — available in English only, for now.

How much does Firecuda 530 cost?

The SSD will be offered in eight different versions, with different storage capacities and the presence, or not, of a heatsink. Check out the SSD presentation video below — with Portuguese subtitles.

While the 500 GB variant achieves read speeds of 7,000 MB/s, with sequential writes of 3,000 MB/s, the 1, 2 and 4 TB models reach the limit of 7,300 MB/s read, with the former having writes at 6,000 MB/s and the other two tie at 6,900 MB/s.

The brand has a website in Brazilian Portuguese and informs national resellers who will receive the product. The “basic” model compatible with the PS5, which has 500 GB with heatsink, costs US$ 169, about R$ 858 in direct conversion.


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