Seafloor diving into La Leticia Hallyday Saint-Barth


Laeticia Hallyday is having a good holiday on the island of Saint-Barthélémy. Mom is having fun in a new activity: diving. And she is not alone: ​​her lover Pascal Balland is with her. What better way to have a good time?

She posts her diving session on the island on Instagram and it makes you want to. We see the seabed with the turtles passing by. But the best is still that her lover is there with her after so much time apart.

Everything is wonderful on the island of Saint-Barth. Laeticia Hallyday is with her two daughters Jade and Joy. It was Jade’s birthday last week. The girl was then celebrating 16 years. A great emotional moment for both mother and daughter.

In any case the images are sublime, it would almost make us want to dive into the deep end and observe the seabed with them. This session seems magical for the couple and their friends who have accompanied them. A beautiful moment of complicity.


She shares beautiful videos of her diving session. We even see her at one point holding Pascal Balland’s hand. Even underwater, the two seem more in love than ever. And it’s good to see!

We don’t know if this was a first for Laeticia Hallyday but what is certain is that she will do it again! Mom looks like she had a blast during this diving session. And she then gets all the videos to show them on Instagram.

For their part, his daughters are having a blast with their friends on the island of Saint-Barth. Laeticia Hallyday is happy to share moments with them and especially birthdays! The mother then posts very nice messages on the networks.


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