Sea of Thieves will let you pet dogs


Rare’s multiplayer pirate game, recently released on Steam, continues to add content on a regular basis. Sun, beach and Caribbean waters. Everything seemed dreamy, except that dogs were not yet in the equation … until now.

It is true that the situation was not completely perfect for the pirates of Sea of ​​Thieves, not at least if we consider that sharks and other ferocious creatures guard the seabed. Nor is it that peace reigns among humans, as you know, you should never trust a pirate. And almost all the characters are pirates in the Rare title! Now that man’s best friend joins the adventure of the oceans, we can at least caress them between attacks.

It should be noted that like the other pets that have arrived so far (parrots, monkeys and cats), players will be able to access their dog friends through the Pirate Emporium, so it will be necessary to save a few coins, because here the dogs are bought. In the same gameplay video, which you can see below, a novelty for the Gold Hoarders is revealed. Although the British developer will offer more details soon, a kind of treasure chamber is appreciated.


Sea of ​​Thieves was released as one of Rare’s most ambitious projects, an online multiplayer game with a focus on collaboration between members of the same team. Steering the ship, preventing the ship from sinking and stealing the treasures of rival pirates are some of the tasks that can be performed. In addition, once on land, there is always the possibility of stopping by the tavern to have a good grog. Although the one who warns is not a traitor: be careful what you drink, the one who abuses pays for it by taking his stomach overboard.

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The Rare title is available on both Xbox One and PC. Although it could already be obtained in the Microsoft Store, those of Redmond decided to also release it on Steam. It can also be found in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.


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