Sea of Thieves | Rare Says They Have “Ambitious Plans” For The Future Of The Game


Sea of Thieves: The creative director of the video game shares new job offers and reaffirms that the pirate game has a lot of life left. The Sea of ​​Thieves pirate ship will be reinforced with new sailors. Rare, the studio behind the development of the video game, is looking for professionals to continue shaping the future of its multiplayer title. The job offers have been published on the official website, which the creative director Mike Chapman has shared on social networks. Chapman himself has dropped a bright future for the already veteran Xbox Game Studios production:

“What’s this? The Sea of ​​Thieves design team is growing! We’re looking for three new Game Designers, as well as a Senior Narrative Designer. We have ambitious plans for the future of Sea of ​​Thieves as part of our amazing studio. Be a part of it!” FreeGameTips had the opportunity to recently interview Chapman, who has already hinted that the pirate odyssey is far from over.

Goodbye arena mode, hello adventures

One of Rare’s goals is to enhance the adventure system. However, to focus on that aspect they have had to sacrifice another, the competitive Arena mode, which will close its doors permanently. The company acknowledges that it has been a tough decision that “not everyone will like”, although they promise to compensate.

Sea of ​​Thieves was released in 2018 for Xbox One and PC. Despite the good reviews, it was difficult to start because the post-launch plan was not developed quickly enough for this type of product, which usually receives new content quickly.

Months passed and the British developer finally found the tone. Since then, Sea of ​​Thieves has been constantly updated with free news. In addition, the title is optimized for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the new generation machines from Redmond. “In 2021 we had the best numbers and the community is constantly growing,” he told FreeGameTips. “Now, with the new Adventures system, an exciting journey awaits us and we’ll see where it takes us.”