Sea of Thieves includes a mod for those who are afraid


he Rare pirate game thinks of players with thalasophobia and is updated with a feature that allows you to automatically float and never drown.

Curious at least the new option that Sea of ​​Thieves has added with its latest update. The game of Rare, one of pirates and treasures, already incorporates a feature that prevents us from drowning in the sea and that is intended for all those with thalassophobia, “an intense and persistent fear of the ocean.” Available in the title settings, this feature allows you to “automatically float on water” and is intended for anyone to enjoy the experience. As in Subnautica, another maritime game that was also happening, some members of the community have explained in their forums the anxiety caused by falling into the sea, at which time they contemplate the possibility of sinking and running out of air, or of being trapped among the waves and end up surrounded by corpses and sea creatures. Stories Rare has responded to with this update.

Arachnophobic modes

This option reminds us of the one that has recently incorporated another of Microsoft’s first party titles, Grounded, in which we handle tiny characters who must fight against giant insects in the backyard of their house. Developed by Obsidian, the game lets you activate an arachnophobic mode that either completely eliminates spiders or limits and ridicules them, making them appear textureless or legless to make them less terrifying. Another example of the new internal Xbox policy, which since the launch of its Xbox Adaptive Controller wants anyone to be able to enjoy video games.

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New in Sea of ​​Thieves

In another order of things, and returning to Sea of ​​Thieves, the titles have just released a new expansion, Ashen Winds, which you can see in the video that heads the news. It stars “the ash pirates”, who sail the seas with ships engulfed in flames and lots of explosives. The completely free DLC includes new weapons (including a flamethrower, of course), more pets (all of them “on fire”) and unpublished decorative items, as well as another campaign. In addition, we have recently learned that Sea of ​​Thieves is one of the titles that will feature Smart Delivery on Xbox Series X. In other words, it can be enjoyed on the new Microsoft console, where it will be updated once again to reach new graphic levels, among An increase in resolution (4K) and frame rate per second (120 fps?) is taken for granted.


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