Sea Of Thieves: Fiery pirates, flamers and more


Rare and Microsoft present the contents of the new Ashen Winds update, now available on both PC and Xbox One. Sea of ​​Thieves continues to receive new content through constant free updates, patches that add all kinds of news along with the typical bug fixes and various adjustments.

This is the case of Ashen Winds, a generous new update of unpublished content that includes numerous cosmetic extras in the form of accessories, pets and emotes, along with new features that directly affect the gameplay of the popular pirate title of Rare.

The burning pirates arrive

Thus, Ashen Winds plunges us into a new plot starring the terrifying pirates of the ash, thugs of the seven seas engulfed in fire that will make things very difficult for us. And they will not hesitate to make use of their destructive and flaming arsenal, capable of causing the most devastating explosions and leaving our crew and our boat in serious trouble.

Of course, the rewards come from the hand of their flaming skulls, which we can exchange on the black market for points that unlock new decorative items for our ship, in addition to guaranteeing access to a new weapon, the almighty flamethrower, a cannon that It will relentlessly spit fire, wiping out everything in its path, including the luminous ships of the ash pirates, until its fuel runs out.

Special mention for pets as disturbing as they are adorable with the arrival of a cat, a monkey and a parrot engulfed in flames. Along with all these innovations come numerous bug fixes and other errors related to the gameplay of a title that continues to grow with each new update by Rare.

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The size of the Ashen Winds update is around 6 GB on Xbox One, Xbox One X and Windows 10, while on Steam it stays at just under 5 GB.


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