Sea of Thieves breaks records in 2020


The game becomes the one with the largest number of Xbox players, exceeding twelve million Forza Horizon 4.Sea of ​​Thieves is in luck. The Rare game continues to reap large numbers, and Microsoft today announced that the pirate title has reached fifteen million users since its launch.

A huge figure from Xbox One, Windows 10 and recently from its arrival on Steam. But for those who believe that this is an accumulated figure that can say little, another fact: in June 3.3 million active users were obtained, their best data since it was released. And here a million copies sold on Steam have a lot to do in these weeks.

The rebirth of a game that came with high expectations but somewhat sparse in content has been amazing. It came out in 2018, but in the first six months of 2020 more players have played it than in all of 2019, which was already a year in which there were more players than in 2018. Hence, June has been the best month of active players for title. Rare, on Xbox Wire, expresses his enormous gratitude to all who have played the game during this time and announce that they still have great things to release soon.

Sea of ​​Thieves breaks records in 2020: more played this year than in its departure
Currently the title has the Maiden Voyage, a narrative tutorial that separates from the adventure mode and the arenas to explain and show what the game brings for new players. The title came to Steam on June 3, managing to be in the top sales and among the most played concurrently throughout the month, something that has allowed to break new records for a game that with adventures, began to offer the pirate revolution that everyone expected.

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5 million extra in six months

The Sea of ​​Thieves data in early January 2020 was also to be celebrated in one of its taverns – more than 10 million players had enjoyed it since launch. But it has been these six months with new content and the arrival on Steam that has been reaped an increase of 50%, reaching the 15 million mentioned.


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