SDCC 2022 Interview: All-Elite Wrestling (AAW)


In its third mega-successful year, All-Elite Wrestling has become the most popular wrestling company in North America.

AEW first came to Comic Con in San Diego to present the AEW Heroes and Villains panel, which is a fusion of pro wrestling and Comic Con.

Before the AEW “Heroes and Villains” panel, Screen Rant talked to the best AEW participants, World heavyweight champion SM Punk, TBS champion Jade Cargill, Brian Danielson, Dr. Britt Baker, Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy about what it takes to become a hero. and a villain in professional wrestling in 2022.

Welcome, guys. Welcome to Comic Con. When did you guys get here?

Jade Cargill: Friday.

Britt Baker: I got it… When did we get in?

SM Punk: We all arrived together by airship yesterday morning.

Tony Khan’s airship?

Brian Danielson: Except me. I have a personal airship.

What have you guys been doing since you got here? What are you making up? This is Comic Con.

SM Punk: We just worked. We haven’t had a chance to find out anything yet. It was interview after interview. I was on a yacht.

The IMDB boat?

SM Punk: Yes, it was quite interesting. But then it was more like the press. But on a yacht. It was very beautiful.

Well, what do you want to invent? When you have free time, when you get to the exhibition hall, what do you want to see?

Jade Cargill: Cosplay. I want to see the whole cosplay. I don’t know if we can get through this. Not with SM Punk and Brian sitting here. But this is what I made up to see.

Well, you’re a super cosplayer. You cosplayed like Jade from Mortal Kombat, you cosplayed like a Storm. Will you be cosplaying here?

Jade Cargill: I’m here for work, so no. I would love to! I’d love to. But no, I’m here for work.

What will be your next cosplay when you have the opportunity?

Jade Cargill: I think you’ll see it on the next pay-per-view.

That’s all.

Jade Cargill: Yes.

Awesome. This is AEW’s first participation at Comic Con, and you’re all here to watch AEW’s Heroes and Villains panel. So much in professional wrestling is the confrontation of good and evil, heels and children’s faces. So let’s talk about heroes and villains in AEW. Let’s start with Punk, the world champion. Punk, you’ve been a hero and a villain in your career.

SM Punk: Yes.

Wrestling fans can be tough and demanding, but after your return, they love you very much. What does it take to become a hero in the eyes of AEW fans?

SM Punk: I think I have a currency with an audience that has been around for so long, coming from India, going to the old WWF, and you know it’s around the block. Leaving, returning after seven years, I have a connection.

I don’t necessarily like being a nice guy. I feel like it’s hard work. It’s much easier to make people dislike you. But I feel that it would be wasteful, as I said, to just give up this currency that I have with the audience, because this, I feel, is a special connection.

You know, they’ve been saying my name for seven years. I’ve returned. They’re still excited about it. So I feel like every time I’m in the ring, it’s special to me, and I don’t want to waste it, and I feel like it’s just a giant party with a bunch of your friends, you know? I just want to have a good time with them.

It’s amazing. Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, there are actually a lot of fans who want to cheer you on, but you work really hard to get booed. So what is the secret to controlling the emotions of the crowd and ensuring that they react the way you want?

Britt Baker: I think even after the pandemic, the fans just want to cheer everyone up. Kind, mean, in-between, they’re just so excited to be back in the live crowd and have the opportunity to be a part of the show with us.

But it also kind of contradicts being a heel that I have a chant, DMD. Fans always want to make noise, they want, again, to be part of the show and the program. But as long as they make noise, as long as there’s a reaction, whether they love someone or hate someone, I think that’s what makes a wrestling show fun. I think that’s what makes wrestling professional.


Britt Baker: And you know, I still think most of them hate me. They still want to boo me. They just sing because they like to be heard and participate in the fun.

Darby, how are you feeling, man? Are you okay? You had a tense match against Brody King on Wednesday.

Darby Allin: Yes, I will live.

I’m glad. “Please don’t die.” It’s singing. So you’re partnering with Sting, one of wrestling’s greatest heroes for decades. What did he teach you about being a hero?

Darby Allin: That at 63 you can go crazy. And that’s all I wanted to know.

I feel like you definitely inspired him to jump from a height.

Darby Allin: No, I haven’t. Literally, it’s all him.


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