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Google has added a new hidden feature to the Android version of Chrome. This feature, which is currently unavailable, enables screenshots of all sites that do not fit on the screen. It is currently unknown when this feature, which is also associated with Android 11, will be available.

US-based technology giant Google has begun testing a new feature for the Android version of Chrome. Discovered by curious users, this feature allows Chrome users in the Android ecosystem to take a screenshot of an entire page. This feature, which has been associated with Android 11 for a while, seems to seriously improve the user experience.

Google adds some hidden features to all versions of Chrome. These features are placed under a section called “flags”. Users can also activate the features under the flags. Here, the new feature in the Android version of Chrome was also noticed under the flags section. It is currently unknown when the feature will be available.

The feature does not appear to be enabled for now. However, the section labeled “Chrome Share Long Screenshots: Enables UI to edit and share long screenshots on Android” added to the flags menu directly reveals what the feature will do. With the release of the feature, users will be able to make screenshots of all pages other than screen sizes.

In fact, this type of feature has already been implemented by some technology manufacturers that develop interfaces on the Android operating system. However, Google was unable to make this type of feature a standard for all Android users. The latest development shows that Google also cares about this issue and this feature will soon be available to Android users of Chrome.

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