The script for Stranger Things is ready, when does season 4 premiere


The script for Stranger Things is ready, when does season 4 premiere. Despite the delay in its production, the creators already gave the first advances.

The fourth season of Stranger Things was postponed due to the Coronavirus, but the writers have already finished writing all the new chapters in the series.

Netflix was forced to cancel the productions of many of its series, including Once and Company, and since then fans have been waiting for a new release date, which could be later this year or early in the year. 2021, but there is still nothing official, although there are already details of its episodes.

Through their Twitter account, the creators of the series shared a photo that moved more than one, since it seems that little by little the production resumes its activities so that, once the pandemic is over, they can start recording.

The image shows the scripts of Stranger Things and it seems that fans enjoyed 9 episodes full of new mysteries and in which Hoper is expected to make his long-awaited appearance after his alleged death by closing the portal of the World inside out.

Apparently, the possible number of episodes was not the only thing they wanted to reveal, since they shared another post where they start with the phrase “In season 4 …”, but mysteriously their Internet connection was cut. Could it be a nod to the series? Perhaps a clue to some portal or tunnel from another dimension where the characters could get lost.

Fans are excited that the series can start filming in the near future, although Netflix has not given an official release date or what steps they will take to avoid contagions once social isolation ends, as the Covid-19 is still ongoing. Present.

Despite the fact that Netflix canceled the recordings of several of their projects, fans hope that in this new season one of their hopes will be fulfilled: that Hoper is still alive , various rumors have circulated on networks and the platform has long shared a revealing teaser about character.


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