Screenshot that shows the future of Google search results to YouTube Search


A Reddit user uncovered a feature that YouTube has begun testing on the Android platform. According to the resulting feature, YouTube will also begin to show Google results related to a term searched in its search engine.

YouTube, the world’s most popular online video platform, will soon have a new and very noticeable feature. According to a screenshot shared by a Reddit user, YouTube plans to integrate Google search results into YouTube search.

Currently, when you search for a term in the YouTube search engine, you only encounter video results within YouTube. However, after the tested feature is released, you will also see Google search results under the video results.

YouTube will also show the results of the search terms on Google

This feature, which YouTube has begun testing with a limited user base on the Android platform, can improve the functionality of YouTube search. Because when you can’t find a video about a term you are looking for on YouTube, you will be able to visit different websites instead.

Screenshot of YouTube’s new feature

Neither Google nor YouTube has yet made a statement about this feature, which is thought to be about to be added to YouTube. Also, we haven’t seen any shares yet from different users testing this feature. Still, considering Google is YouTube’s roofing company, a possible search engine integration wouldn’t be surprising.


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