Screen capture app gets Fluent Design on Windows 10


Microsoft is gradually applying Fluent Design to Windows 10 apps, and another operating system tool has had its look updated. The company started releasing the new design for the Capture and Sketch app, which allows you to take advanced screenshots on your PC.

The company has made no formal announcement about the change, but users can now download the new version of Capture and Sketch through the Microsoft Store. While the app’s interface remains the same, the company updated the tool icon to keep up with Fluent Design.

The previous version of Capture and Sketch was represented with an icon similar to the one used to represent image files in the operating system, with shades of blue. The updated version features scissors and a dash, with the application of colors and shadows on the symbols.

Capture and Sketch comes pre-installed on Windows 10 and the latest version can be downloaded from this link or directly from the Microsoft Store on your computer. The application allows you to select locations on the screen to save as JPG or PNG images.

The tool also includes support for free capture, annotations and drawings. Windows 10 settings also allow you to link the Capture and Sketch app with the Print Screen key, which ensures more options during screen captures with the shortcut.

In addition to the Sketch and Capture app, Microsoft has already updated other Windows 10 apps with Fluent Design. The look with more colors and effects has already been applied to the Photos app, Voice Recorder, Microsoft Store and the Office package, including for smartphones.

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