Scream Reacted To The Rumors About The Leak Of The Trailer In The Most Branded Way


The promotion of films is often as important as the films themselves, and this usually involves a very specific schedule for the release of new information. While rumors or other leaks revealing information that the production would prefer to keep secret are always a risk, it is rare, though certainly not impossible, for things like trailers to get online before the studio is ready, although usually, as in the case of a leaked trailer “Suicide Squad”. years ago, this happened at conventions. And yet the leaked trailer is exactly what seems to have happened with the new movie “Scream.”

Recently, a trailer began to spread that is allegedly a leak of the first trailer for the upcoming Scream 6. However, judging by a tweet from the official Scream Twitter account, it seems that the “leak” is actually a trailer created by fans. , not the real thing. The Scream account responded to the message about the alleged leak with its own blow.


Stab is a series of fictional films in the Scream universe based on the events of the films. Thus, in a way, a fictional trailer designed to evoke the “Scream” franchise, but not actually part of this franchise, is essentially similar to the “Stabbing” films.

Fan trailers for non—existent films are a fairly common practice. In most cases, these trailers are presented as what they really are, an homage to a movie or franchise that someone likes, in the form of a trailer. Sometimes a YouTube video may try to deceive the viewer into believing that a new trailer has been released or unofficially leaked, but it takes no more than a minute to understand the truth. This trailer seems to have looked plausible enough to fool more people than most other attempts.

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In the end, however, it was just a fan-made trailer, but you can’t make a fake trailer for “Scream 6” without showing some interest in the franchise. It’s at least an ambiguous compliment to Scream that someone made an effort to make a plausible fake trailer.

Currently, “Scream 6” is due out on March 31, 2023, and five months before release is not too early for the first trailer. To see the new trailer of the long-awaited horror movie on the eve of Halloween would also not be so shocking, so the circumstances developed in such a way that it was probably easier for fans to believe that it was true. At the same time, the filming of “Scream 6” ended less than two months ago, so the trailer would be awfully fast now.

Of course, the downside is that there is a group of “Scream” fans who want to see the “Scream 6” trailer. A lot of them were probably looking for the alleged leak, and whatever they thought about it, fans are now much more ready for it. a real trailer. Perhaps after the success of the fake trailer, the real one is just around the corner.


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