Scream 5: TV Commercial Reveals Villain With New Mask And Flamethrower


Scream 5: Just over a month before the release of Scream 5, a new TV commercial shows some previously unseen scenes from the film. The main highlight is a short sequence, in which it is possible to see the villain Ghostface using a metallic mask and a flamethrower.

Check it out below:

The fifth title in the franchise takes place 25 years after the terror started by a mysterious assassin in the city of Woodsboro, California. This time, a new criminal will follow in Ghostface’s footsteps, leaving the townspeople terrified again.

Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Roger L. Jackson and Marley Shelton return to lead the Scream 5 cast. The debuting cast includes Melissa Barrera, Jack Quaid, Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding, Dylan Minnette, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mikey Madison and Kyle Gallner.

Wes Craven, creator of the franchise, would be responsible for directing the new film. However, with his death in 2015, the new feature was under the responsibility of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (the duo responsible for Bloody Marriage). James Vanderbilt (Mystery in the Mediterranean) and Guy Busick (also from Bloody Marriage) write the script for the film.

Scream 5 is slated to hit theaters on January 13, 2022.