“Scream” (2022) vs. “Halloween Kills”: Which slasher turned out to be better at the box office?


It’s a great time to be a slasher fan. This is an even better time to fall in love with the Scream and Halloween franchises, as new films will be released in 2022 and 2023. Both franchises have an excellent foundation, and it seems that an infinite number of films can be made. There is no reason to think that any of them will stop anytime soon, especially with such high demand from fans.

Both “Scream” (2022) and “Halloween Kills” were successful films with interesting characters, exciting moments, a fun atmosphere and a tone that the audience is looking forward to. Both films had good box office receipts both worldwide and domestically, but which film became the highest-grossing?

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Laurie Strode and Sydney Prescott are the best final girls, and watching the two characters in adulthood was fascinating. Jamie Lee Curtis and Neve Campbell are back in the latest films of their franchises, and “Scream” and “Halloween” show the aftermath of the last girl. So which movie grossed the most money at the box office, “Halloween Kills” or “Scream” (2022)?

If we compare the financial success of two popular slashers, then “Scream” (2022) earned a little more. According to Box Office Mojo, worldwide fees for “Halloween Kills” totaled $131,647,155. The international box office grossed $39,645,000 and the domestic box office grossed $92,002,155. Also according to Box Office Mojo, “Scream” (2022) grossed $140,041,405 worldwide. The international gross income was $58,400,000, and the domestic gross income was $81,641,405. It’s interesting to note that “Halloween kills” more domestically than “Scream” (2022).

While neither movie is perfect, both are great additions to popular slasher franchises. “Scream” (2022) especially skillfully combines the original trio of Sydney, Gail Weathers (Courteney Cox) and Dewey Riley (David Arquette) with new characters. Siblings Tara (Jenna Ortega) and Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera) are smart personalities, and their desire to be around again after many years of separation makes the film interesting. “Halloween Kills” also shows that Laurie will never be able to get far away from Michael Myers and that her entire legacy will be tied to his pursuit.

The fact that both films have done so well at the box office proves the interest of horror fans in these franchises. Fans like to watch the original “Halloween” and “Scream” movies from 1978 and 1996 just as they watched them for the first time, which certainly makes a big difference considering how many films are being released all the time. There’s something about these stories that persists, and the franchises have a lot in common, from smart and well-written characters to villains that are really scary and hard to get rid of.

There are several horror franchises that do an excellent job of keeping fans interested in each film, and the Sinister Dead franchise deserves praise in this regard. Both “Scream” (2022) and “Halloween Kills” seem unique because they combine what fans want with what makes sense for the story to develop. Of course, the fans wanted their favorite characters to come back, and that’s what happened. Fans were also curious to see how these films breathed new life into the classic story of the last girl against the villain, and this was also the case. In “Scream” (2022), it was possible to honor the old one by showing that Tara is being called by a Ghostly Face in her kitchen. Halloween kills Lori for nothing and does not allow her to kick ass in enough scenes, but in the end the film still manages to show what Lori is at this age and how she is doing.

Before the release of Halloween Kills, Jason Bloom told Den Of Geek, “I just watched Halloween Kills. It was so good. So good. It’s intense. It’s huge. It really seems really big.” “Halloween Kills” was an exciting release as it was in theaters and also aired on Peacock. Jason Blum told Collider in an interview that since Freaky wasn’t seen by many people, he knew he wanted a second Halloween. film to have a better strategy.

Blum explained: “It was my idea to do this. [Peacock] didn’t come up to me. I went up to them. I, like everyone else, really believe in the theatrical experience. I think that in the end I think there should be windows. I think Universal’s three—week window strategy is a great strategy, but I had a bad experience distributing “Freaky” ones. This movie is a great movie and it wasn’t seen because its distribution was confusing. wine.”

The action of “Scream 6” will take place in New York, and there has been a lot of news about the film lately, starting with the fact that Dermot Mulroney was chosen for the role, and ending with the fact that Neve Campbell decided not to return. When “Halloween Ends” is released in October 2022 and “Scream 6” is released in March 2023, it’s fair to say that both films will gross (no pun intended).