Scotty Pippen Jr.’s Comment about His Father Going Viral


Scotty Pippen Jr. may have the same name as his Hall of Fame father, but NBA fans are skeptical about whether he shares any of his father’s talents. However, the newly minted “Laker” does not feel confident in himself.

In a recent interview, Pippen told an interesting story about playing one-on-one with his father. He said he beat his father so often that the elder Pippen faked injuries and eventually stopped playing against him because he was so good.

“I’ve worn him out. I used to beat him, and he faked injuries and all that,” said the younger Pippen. “He didn’t do me justice, so we stopped playing a while ago.”

NBA fans aren’t too impressed that a 21-year-old Laker has more stamina than a man in his late 50s (even if he is one of the best players of all time). But judging by the comments and how viral they are becoming, it’s clear that they like energy:

“The younger one totally pisses the older one off,” one fan wrote.

“I respect that. I am currently naming every statement by Scott Foster against my son,” another wrote.

“I can’t wait for Scotty to play in the Summer League! This Lakers Summer League team gets 2B (fire),” wrote a third.

Scotty Pippen Jr. was not selected from Vanderbilt, but signed a two-way deal with the Lakers. The twice-selected All-SEC has quite a long way to go to become an NBA starter, but he definitely has the right mindset.