Scottish city to have largest fleet of hydrogen dump trucks


The Scottish city Glasgow will introduce 19 electric garbage trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells in its system after receiving a sum of 6.3 million euros (R $ 41.89 million) from the UK government – responsible for financing the Hydrogen for Transport Program, with a fund of 23 million euros (R $ 152.93 million).

According to Transport Minister Rachel Maclean, this will be the “world’s largest fleet of such vehicles”, and the initiative shows that “the UK is at the forefront of green transport technology.”

As part of a broader strategy to support infrastructure growth, a new resource replenishment station is also planned.

Last month, three energy companies announced a partnership called Green Hydrogen for Glasgow, created with the aim of offering marketing solutions to reduce gas emissions – resulting in the proposal to install a non-fuel production chain pollutant around the region.

Glasgow, which would host the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in November, postponed to November 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic, aims to become the UK’s first zero-carbon city by 2030.

Sustainable solutions

In recent years, the movement of carbon removal from the UK transport sector has gained momentum, and last week, the first hydrogen-powered train, the HydroFLEX, was tested – something made possible by a donation of 750,000 euros ( almost R $ 5 million) from the Department of Local Transport and investments of more than 1 million euros made by the railway company Porterbrook and the University of Birmingham.

Other actions involve making the Vale of Tees region, northeastern England, a “pioneering hydrogen transport hub” and investigating how new it can supply buses, trucks and rail, sea and air transport across the country.


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