Scott Snyder’s BARNSTORMERS Gets an Official Trailer (Exclusive)

Screen Rant has an exclusive look at Scott Snyder and Tula Lotai’s upcoming Comixology Original series, Barnstormers, in the form of a moving trailer full of romance, intrigue and music suitable for the decade.
The action of the game Snyder and Lotay’s Barnstormers, part of the original line of exclusive Comixology content, takes place in 1923, immediately after the historical event that became the First World War. For the man known as Preston Pike, this is the era of turbulent flights, a time when pilots could earn a living by lifting ordinary guys into the air for a nominal fee. Pike escapes from his past by flying planes through the countryside, and discovers that in a small place called Barnville, the reward of a lifetime may be waiting for him. The only opportunity Pike gets is a runaway bride named Claire, with whom a classic Bonnie and Clyde—style partnership begins.
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Before fans get a chance to see the adventures of Claire and Preston with their own eyes, Screen Rant has an exclusive trailer on Youtube, which is sure to interest readers in this exorbitant fuss. The promo begins with rousing ragtime music, and the crowd excitedly watches as the plane soars in the air. The trailer tells about the upcoming comic book Comixology Original, and fans get acquainted with its central characters, Claire and Preston. It is clear that Claire is well versed in the lucrative enterprise with which Pike came to town, and informs him that it will not work. While the ad promises a “stormy love story,” it’s more than meets the eye, as viewers catch a glimpse of action, gunfights with planes, murders and a strange robotic entity. The trailer really doesn’t lie when it says that Scott Snyder and Tula Lotai’s “Storm Storms” are “unlike anything you’ve seen before.”
Judging by this trailer alone, Barnstormers really is another comic book other than Comixology Originals. The digital market has provided writers and artists with the opportunity to bring exciting new materials to readers in a much more direct and accessible way. Barnstormers seems to take classic elements of several genres, such as romance, crime and maybe even science fiction, and mixes them into an unconventional story that fans of Scott Snyder’s previous works can immediately fall in love with.
Scott Snyder brought a lot of unique ideas when he worked on the Batman line for DC Comics. From new villains to groundbreaking storylines, the Dark Knight has changed forever with the appearance of Scott Snyder on Batman. But Snyder is more than just his work on Caped Crusader, and his work with Lotey on Barnstormers looks chock—full of interesting concepts. Two people entering each other’s lives, entangled in a story involving action, mystery and death, is something that should tickle the imagination of any comic book reader. Fans intrigued by the trailer for “Barnstormers” by Scott Snyder and Tula Lotai should keep an eye on when it will be released on Comixology and Kindle.