Scott Patterson of Gilmore Girls and Chad Michael Murray shared a photo of the reunion, but who has the best beard?


Before Chad Michael Murray found himself in the iconic love triangle on One Tree Hill, the actor played the neat bad guy Tristan in the TV series “Gilmore Girls”. He recently reunited with fellow Gilmore Girls alumnus Scott Patterson, who played Luke, and it’s a battle of beards.

The former “Gilmore Girls” stars reunited for a new TV project, and Patterson shared a photo along with a question to fans: who are they voting for? Based on the picture, I think it should all come down to who had the best beard. Take a look:

It’s Luke and Tristan’s reunion at Sullivan’s annual Crossing Gray vs Blonde Homecoming event! who are you voting for? August 2022

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As a fan of both of them, it’s hard to make a choice, since Patterson and Murray wear beards in their own way. And they still look really good! Judging by the responses to the tweet, it seems that most of them are on Scott’s team, although perhaps this is not too surprising, since it was he who shared the photo with his followers.

Given that both actors are working on an upcoming CTV original series called “Sullivan’s Crossroads” (via PR Newswire), it seems that Patterson’s photo is a behind—the-scenes look, complete with a funny caption about his gray hair and Murray’s blonde.

Chad Michael Murray starred in only 11 episodes of Gilmore Girls as Tristan Dugray, so his tenure did not coincide too much with Patterson’s tenure. Trystin definitely didn’t have the kind of beard that Murray would presumably wear for “Sullivan’s Crossroads,” and twenty years ago there would have been no competition with a beard like today. Fans may not be able to pick the ultimate facial hair champion, but I think it’s safe to say we’ll all win with this photo.

In 2021, “Gilmore Girls” celebrated its 21st anniversary and to this day remains one of the best dramedies available on Netflix. Although the series briefly returned with “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” is it possible that another comeback is in development? It’s unknown, but even Milo Ventimiglia doesn’t expect the Gilmore Girls to return sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, the cast of “Gilmore Girls” is still close, and it doesn’t stop with Patterson and Murray together. Murray previously revealed why working with Jared Padalecki on “Gilmore Girls” was the best. They also worked together on the remake of “House of Wax Figures” in 2009 and still communicate from time to time. So even though Dean and Tristan weren’t particularly close, the actors were behind the scenes.

There was also a “Gilmore Girls” reunion of sorts in the Amazing Mrs. Meisel series on Amazon Prime when Milo Ventimiglia joined him in season 4 as a guest. The series was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, who at one time also created The Gilmore Girls. Reunions are always fun, even if they don’t mean more episodes of your favorite drama, and “Sullivan’s Crossroads” may be something “Gilmore Girls” fans can look forward to with two familiar faces… at least if they have CTV!

Who do you think had the best beard? Scott Patterson or Chad Michael Murray? Patterson may be grateful for feedback on social media! Be sure to watch “Gilmore Girls” and “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” on Netflix with a subscription.


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