Scott Disick and Sofia Richie in a relationship: we know what Lionel Richie thinks about it!


For some time now, Scott Disick has started a serious relationship with Sofia Richie. The Kardashian family has totally accepted the beautiful blonde. The latter is even very friendly with Kylie Jenner. And their relationship has evolved so much that it seems that the young man wants to marry his darling. It’s been almost two years since they started a strong relationship.

And fans are now wondering what Lionel Richie thinks. The singer can no longer deny his daughter’s love for Scott Disick. According to E! News, the relations would be also better between the former companion of Kourtney Kardashian and the musician. The magazine said: “If Lionel has had reservations about Scott in the past especially about their age difference, he is now making real efforts towards him”.

The magazine added, “They even spent Thanksgiving together. They took a private jet to go there. Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are still together and everything is going well for the moment. Sofia really fell under her spell. Lionel has accepted their relationship but he is not yet 100% convinced, especially because Sofia is still very young but he sees how happy she is so he decided to make an effort.

To finish! News also added: “Lionel is a very honest person and their father / daughter relationship is important to him, so he tries to be encouraging.” That is clear. It remains to be seen whether Scott Disick will finally make his marriage proposal. And if Lionel Richie will be part of the guests. In the meantime, fans are watching the evolution of the couple closely. It remains to be seen what the two lovebirds will also book for the future. Case to follow!


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