Scorpion Aircraft Fell Below 30 Meters On Manned First Test Flight (Video)


An aircraft named “Scorpion”, which signed a protocol for the active use of Dubai police, crashed in its first test in Dubai. The accident involving the aircraft developed by a Moscow-based company called “Hoversurf” has questioned the safety of these vehicles.

A Moscow-based company called Hoversurf recently produced a vehicle called “Scorpion”. These one-man vehicles resembled a flying motorcycle. Moreover, with its small and compact structure, it offered great advantages in traffic. Even the Dubai administration was deeply impressed by Hoversurf Scorpion and signed a protocol with the company so that Dubai police can use this vehicle. However, this aircraft was involved in an accident on the first test flights in Dubai.

In fact, Scorpion’s developer company was very ambitious for the aircraft it designed. Because the vehicle tests in Russia were carried out with great risks and there were no problems. However, the test in Dubai resulted in a major accident, even though the pilot was not harmed. No explanation was received from the Dubai administration regarding the issue.

Dubai police is expected to start using it soon

The aircraft you see above have some problems, according to technical critics. The biggest problem is that Scorpion’s propellers have both no shield and the pilot’s positioning very close to the propellers. This problem also manifested itself in an accident in Dubai, but fortunately there was no damage to the pilot.

In tests in Dubai, Scorpion’s balance deteriorated when the vehicle was 30 meters high. The vehicle started to seriously shake when it failed to balance its balance. Despite all the interventions, Scorpion, who could not survive the fall, fell over the pilot.

In the statements made by Hoversurf, it was stated that the accident was caused by a problem in the barometer. Hoversurf officials said that all the security systems were activated during the accident, thus expressing nothing to the pilot.

If you are interested in aircraft, you can also own a Scorpion. Communication with Moscow will allow you to buy this vehicle for 150 thousand dollars (about 1.02 million TL). However, reminding you to think about Scorpion’s safety before purchasing the vehicle, let’s leave you with the appearance of the accident in Dubai.

Scorpion’s first test in Dubai crash


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