Scooter World SUV, Wolf King Introduced


Voro Motors introduced the new ultra-fast scooter Wolf King, which can accelerate to 80 kilometers in 4.8 seconds. Wolf King, which does not look like an off-road vehicle with its equipment, will be offered to users for 2 thousand 999 dollars as of April.

US-based motor and scooter manufacturer Voro Motors is among the names that produce the fastest scooter models in the world. The new scooter named Wolf King, which was recently launched by the brand, is enough to destroy the perception of classic scooters thanks to its speed.

The new electric Wolf King delivers 1500 Watts of power to both wheels, thus reaching a speed of 80 kilometers per hour in just 4.8 seconds. Wolf King’s top speed is exactly 96.5 kilometers per hour.

Wolf King has a driving range of 80 kilometers

Before moving on to the Wolf King features, it is worth noting that the new scooter is designed not only for clean asphalt but also for off-road. With its aluminum body, hydraulic shock absorber and off-road tires, Wolf King performs successfully even in difficult terrains.

Wolf King, which has a 72V 28Ah battery, provides a full charge in as little as five hours thanks to its double charging feature and provides a driving range of 80 kilometers on a single charge. The scooter, which can go even on uneven roads with an angle of 45 degrees, can convey information about the scooter to the driver thanks to the LCD screen positioned on the handlebar side.


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