Scooter Braun writes Taylor Swift open letter reporting death threats: “It almost looks like you have no interest in resolving the conflict”


“Hi, why don’t you die with your children? I’ll buy a gun tomorrow and then shoot you right in the head. ”

It was with this heavy and threatening message that Scooter Braun publicly denounced that he is receiving death threats. He is in the eye of the hurricane after entering into a public conflict with Taylor Swift. He acquired the Big Machine label – including the entire Taylor Swift catalog until the album “reputation.” The singer was not satisfied. A few months later, Taylor came to vent that he was not getting release to sing his old songs at the American Music Awards, rekindling the subject.

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Scooter Braun has remained silent about the case, but that has changed since he wrote an open letter to Taylor, mainly for his concern about death threats. He suggests that both parties talk to a conclusion.

Read the statement:

Since your public statement last week I have been receiving several death threats directly to my family. This morning I said for the first time that I would not participate in this war of social networks. However, I came home to learn that my wife received a phone call threatening the safety of my children and also other threats you might see. Thinking about my family and my team, I’ve been going through a range of emotions about how to handle it.


I suppose that is not your intention, but it is important that you understand that your words carry tremendous weight and your message can be interpreted in many ways. Although disappointed that you kept silent after being notified by your attorneys four days ago about the threats, I still believe we can fix that.

We are living in a moment of senseless violence and, as a husband and a father, I am concerned.

This is a world full of toxic divisions where people express their opinions on social networks instead of having conversations in person. I don’t want to have part of it. To be honest, I was surprised to see you downcast about my Big Machine business, that it caused you so much pain, at other times we met and I remember it was nice and respectful. Knowing what I know, all I wanted to do was respect the situation. I am open to all possibilities. My attempts to call and have a respectful discussion with you have been rejected in the last 6 months. While his team and mutual friends tried to hold a promotion, no one was lucky. It almost seems that you have no interest in resolving the conflict. At this point, with security being a concern, I have no choice but to ask publicly to get together and find a solution. I repeatedly tried with their representatives to get the solution, but unfortunately here we are. This game is a cordless phone.

Even though I’m frustrated with his accusations and respectfully disagree with so many of his outbursts, it’s important that I’m clean – no artist should ever feel betrayed or intimidated. I have spent my entire career serving creatives and artists, never had another side.

As the world now knows, you can now perform any song you want in AMA. I never had anything the other way around. You don’t need any permission to do this, but I am putting it clearly and publicly, so there will be no more debate or confusion.

Moving on, I would like to find a solution. I make myself available anytime that works for you. Many have said that a meeting would never happen and this is not about truth or solution, but this is a narrative about you. I hope that is not the case. I am here, ready to speak directly and respectfully. But I wonder if you prefer long public statements while refusing to work on resolving things amicably, so I just pray no one gets seriously hurt in the process. I still wish you the best of luck and we can work it out.


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