Scientists Watch How Coronavirus Attacks Cells


Scientists continue to work on the structure of the virus for the treatment and development of the coronavirus. Scientists from Brazil have managed to visualize the moments of attack of the coronavirus into cells with an electron microscope.

Exploring the structure and behavior of the virus is an important point for the development and treatment of the coronavirus. For this reason, scientists continue their detailed studies on the new type of coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2.

Continuing on the coronavirus study, Brazilian scientists were able to observe how the virus infects a human cell. Scientists used the electron microscope to display the moment of attack of the coronavirus into the cell.

The coronavirus, which is seen as black spots in the images that include the moments when the coronavirus attacks the cell, attacks the cytoplasm, which is the genetic responsible organ of the human cell. The virus, which attacks the cytoplasm, infects the human cell in this way.

Pointed protein tips, which give the name of the coronavirus, are also seen in the images of the attack of the coronavirus into the cell. The virus clings to the cells using these pointed protein tips. In vaccines against coronavirus, cell proteins to which these pointed protein tips are attached are targeted. Therefore, it is very important to determine how the coronavirus enters the cell and how the pointed protein tips work.

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