Scientists Suggest to Cool the Planet to Save Glaciers


Scientists have made a highly controversial and risky proposal to prevent melting in glaciers. Researchers suggesting that cooling the planet is an option found that as a result of highly detailed tests, they could slow down the melting of glaciers.

Greenland’s ice cover, as you know, experienced a record melt in 2019. The ice sheet has been melting rapidly since 1980, and so far 12.5 billion tons of ice has melted. These melting rates, which increase much faster than anticipated, lead to dark scenarios in the minds of scientists.

It is estimated that the entire ice sheet will melt only after centuries. However, these losses in ice cover bring flood risk to people living in coastal areas. Scientists continue to make plans to save the glaciers. A very controversial plan put forward by researchers for this purpose is to cool the planet.

Greenland’s ice sheet is threatened from all sides.

The rising temperatures melt the glaciers from above and the warmed water causes the glaciers to melt from the bottom. The infiltration of surface water from the cracks in the glaciers makes the ice cover more unstable. It is claimed that these threats facing the ice sheet will become more powerful in the next century. Scientists suggest that the water level in the present century may increase by 10-20 cm.

Scientists decided to do some research to measure the impact of climate engineering on Greenland. Many of the dark scenarios that researchers predict without climate engineering have become more promising with climate engineering. The results from various tests indicate that climate engineering will reduce melting in glaciers and increase in water levels. Scientists can reduce the air temperature in Greenland by as much as 1.1 ° C with very detailed studies with climate engineering. This may reduce melting in glaciers by 20-32%.

Unfortunately, climatic engineering is not enough to completely prevent the melting of glaciers. In addition, climate change in other parts of the Earth can be ruined by this change in temperature. In addition, if the efforts to cool the planet are stopped, a sudden and more destructive climate change may be faced. Therefore, before entering such a project, it is necessary to consider a lot and to declare ideas, not only in the rich countries, but in all the citizens of the world.

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