Scientists Reveal the Real Reason of Snoring


A study on the problem of snoring, which has become a fearful dream of many people, has revealed the real cause of snoring. According to experts, the reason for snoring is the rate of fat in the tongue.

Snoring is a serious illness that can sometimes negatively affect relationships between couples. Many years of research have not been able to find the exact cause of the snoring problem and pushed scientists into different views. A new study, however, revealed the real culprit of snoring.

An MRI study at the University of Pennsylvania revealed that the main culprit of snoring is the rate of fat in the tongue, not the neck or chin. According to the study, the oil in the tongue greatly affects the quality of sleep, causing snoring.

“Most clinicians and even sleep apnea specialists have not focused on the tongue oil to treat sleep apnea. Now that we know that oil in the tongue is a risk factor, and when the rate of fat in the tongue decreases, sleep apnea improves,” says Richard Schwab, medical director at the Pennsylvania Sleep Center. we have set a unique treatment goal that we are not. ” He spoke in the form.

According to science, when the fat volume of the tongue is lowered, sleep apnea decreases significantly. “Future studies can be designed to investigate whether some diets are better at reducing tongue fat than others, and whether treatments used to reduce stomach fat can be applied to reduce tongue fat,” Schwab also said. He explained the next steps of the study.

Researchers are examining whether the rate of fat in the languages ​​of non-obese and snoring people is high. Who knows, maybe the cure for snoring may be the language diet (!).


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