Scientists Published New Image of Corona Virus


Scientists from the USA have viewed the corona virus, which has affected tens of thousands of people. The researchers used two different electron microscopes to get the image of the corona virus.

While the Corona virus has affected about 60,000 people so far, it has killed 1370 people. Scientists continue to work on the treatment of the virus.

Scientists from the Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) of the National Institute for Allergy and Dish Diseases in the U.S. viewed the corona virus. Researchers used two different types of electron microscopes to display the corona virus.

Viruses are small structures that have only one of the DNA or RNA in a protective protein layer. Viruses are too small to be visualized with a typical light microscope. For this reason, electron microscopy is used in imaging viruses.

Scientists from Rock Mountain Laboratories also used two different high-resolution electron microscopes to display the corona virus. The researchers used the scanning electron microscope and the transmission electron microscope to visualize the corona virus. In both microscope types, focused electron beams are used instead of light beam to obtain images. The images obtained after sending focused electron beams are colored later.

In the imaging study of the new type of corona virus in RML, it was determined that the virus was similar to the MERS that appeared in 2012 and the SARS viruses that emerged in 2002. All three virus types have a crown structure. The name Corona means Latin crown anyway. The naming of viruses comes from here.


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