Scientists Produce New Gold Form From Plastic


What if we tell you that latex is used as the basic material in the content of this thing, which looks amazingly like a real ingot? Yes, the researchers managed to produce a very light 18 carat gold using a plastic material instead of metallic alloy elements.

We think that the title of this news excited the people who love gold jewelry and jewelry the most, but the scientific side is quite strong. The accessories you use very fondly will be lighter now without losing anything of value. This topic, which has been studied in ETH laboratories for a while, finally yielded its fruit and a new form of gold, which was about five to ten times lighter than 18 carat gold, was created.

How was this miraculous lightness achieved? To achieve this, researchers used protein fibers and a polymer latex to form a matrix in which gold nanocrystals embedded thin discs instead of a metal alloy material. As a result of this, countless tiny pockets of light gold, which cannot be seen with the eye, have emerged. In addition, for enthusiastic followers, researchers published a full-length study report in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.

How was the process of forming gold?
Researchers add the materials needed for this new light gold to the water first and allow them to disperse. Subsequently, salt is added to the liquid mixture to convert the gel into water and the contents are replaced with alcohol. High pressure and various gases enter the process and start the process exactly. The material, which was finally pressed in the desired manner, turns into a gold of 18 carat.

It is stated that the hardness of the material can be adjusted by changing the composition of the produced gold. Scientists have reported that the latex contained can also be replaced by a plastic such as polypropylene. This change will result in various differences in the construction process and the result will be different in weight and color. In addition to this, the researchers added that they can produce different kinds of gold with almost any material they choose according to the desired properties.

It is to be recalled that scientists have immediately applied for a patent for both the process and the resulting gold. We believe that many new news will be eagerly awaited by many.


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