Scientists invent material that ‘remembers’ its shape


Just as, eventually, wavy hair returns to its original shape after being straightened, Harvard scientists John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) released a survey in which they say they invented a material that “remembers” your hair. format and, according to them, can be used in industry to reduce the waste of fabrics.

Its application, according to the article, is simple. The fiber was produced from keratin, a protein found in human hair and nails, from recycled wool, printed in 3D and in certain aspects. Therefore, a one-size shirt capable of adjusting to the body of those who use it, expanding or shrinking according to need, would not be out of the question, as well as personalized underwear.

Kit Parker, one of the study’s authors, suggests that the discovery is revolutionary. “With the project, we show that we can not only recycle wool, but also build things that until today have not been imagined.”

Theory in practice

In the video below, you can see a keratin sheet printed in the shape of an origami star, which is crushed and placed in the water. Slowly, the specimen returns to what it was before (or close to it). “The implications for the sustainability of natural resources are clear,” says Parker.

“With the recycled keratin protein, we can do as much as what is already produced with the clipping of animals or more. From that, we reduced the environmental impacts of the textile and fashion industry”, concludes the researcher.


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