Scientists explained: The sun lock occurred


A new one was added to the supernatural events we experienced in 2020. Scientists have announced that the sun has been locked, causing freezing air, earthquake and famine. So what exactly does the sun lock mean?

Sun lock occurred
Scientists have announced that one of the most important stars of space, the Sun, is currently in the minimum energy period. The minimum energy period means that the energy activities on the Sun have decreased significantly.

Astronomer Dr. Tony Phillips used to say that solar energy continues deeply, to a minimum. He also said that the number of Sunspots was one of the lowest levels of the last century. The weakening of the magnetic field causes extra cosmic rays to spread to the solar system.

Excessive cosmic rays are a health hazard for astronauts and air passengers. It directly affects the electrochemistry of the upper atmosphere of the Earth and also causes the lightning to trigger.

NASA scientists are afraid that the Dalton Minimum, which took place between 1790-1830, can be repeated. Dalton Minimum causes periods of freezing air, crop loss, famine, and strong volcanic eruption.

During the Dalton Minimum period, temperatures dropped to 2 degrees Celsius for 20 years, destroying world food production. On April 10, 1815, the second biggest volcanic eruption of 2 thousand years took place on Mount Tambora in Indonesia and at least 71 thousand people died. In addition, the snowfall in July 1816 caused this year to be called the “Summer Without Years” (Eighteen Hundred and Froze To Death).

How long the sun lock event will take is unpredictable, but scientists are concerned about the length of the lock.


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