Scientists explain why virus-bearing bats are not sick


Scientists say why bats are not affected even though they carry strong viruses that have very harsh effects such as Sars, Ebola, and may be caused by a mutation that occurs in the immune gene called Sting.

While the negative effects of viruses show many symptoms in both humans and animals, these effects are not seen due to the Sting gene mutating in bats.

He continues his studies at Wuhan Virology Institute. Peng Zhou says that they initially started working thinking that there was a strong antibody in bats, but later there were signs that Sting prevented the cell from capturing the cell by detecting DNA that should not be present in the cytoplasm.

In the human immune system, these DNAs spread to multiple cells, recognize DNA, develop antibodies, and start fighting. In this process, symptoms such as high fever appear. Sting is also thought to be able to detect RNA material, which is found mostly in viruses.

Scientists who have been studying since the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak think that the new type of coronavirus may have been transmitted from bat to another animal, then to human.

Kevin Olival, vice president of the non-profit science organization EcoHealth Alliance in the U.S., said the world’s only flying mammal bats, which lived for more than 30 years, carried more than 130 viruses. While the bats’ body temperatures rise above 38 degrees during flight, their heartbeat exceeds 1000 per minute.

Linfa Wang, working on bat viruses at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, says that this speed normally causes the death of many mammals, but they have developed a new system in their immunity to cope with the difficulties of flying. Thanks to this system that mutates in bats, the damaged cell repairs itself immediately. So they don’t react greatly to infections.

Despite the adverse effects of viruses, Wang thinks that surviving bats can improve the treatment of infections for humans by examining their immune systems.


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