Scientists Explain the Reasons of the Dreams Dreamed During the Coronavirus Period


The New Zealand sleep specialist has investigated the background of interesting dreams seen during the coronavirus outbreak. According to the expert, changing the quarantine’s sleep habits has also affected people’s dream routine.

The coronavirus epidemic, which shows its effect all over the world, completely changed the usual course of life. The first thing that changes due to quarantine is the sleep pattern. Some people say that they had tension-filled dreams with the emergence of the outbreak.

Rosie Gibson, a research fellow at the Massey University Sleep Center in New Zealand, explained the reason for the dreams seen in the coronavirus period in one of her articles. While expressing that dreams can be seen at every stage of sleep, Gibson said that the stage, called REM sleep, and the eyes move faster, is responsible for more visual and emotional dreams.

The coronavirus outbreak affects individuals’ sleep patterns:
Some experts think that these dreams serve as a kind of rehearsal for stress and fears encountered in real life, creating a defense mechanism for mental health. Expressing that the global epidemic affects individuals’ sleep patterns and quality, Gibson said, “This has positive effects for some and negative effects for others. Both situations may lead to more dreams being remembered. ”

Research in China and the UK shows that many people face increased anxiety due to the outbreak. The result is a shorter or more uncomfortable sleeping experience. It was noted that getting information about the epidemic before going to bed negatively affects comfortable and quality sleep.

Those who are concerned about the outbreak may have more stressful dreams:
According to the New Zealand sleep specialist, when the person stays sleepless, the pressure on REM sleep increases, and when the opportunity to sleep occurs, the process called ‘kickback’ occurs in REM sleep. Dreams during this time are also more effective and more emotional.

On the other hand, it is noted that concerns about the coronavirus outbreak affect dreams. According to Gibson, those who are worried about the epidemic, working life, or family may experience a more stressful dream.

Pointing out the attacks in the USA in 2001, Gibson said it is normal to increase nightmares with extraordinary dreams and added: “Such experiences; It was also reported in connection with sudden change, anxiety, or trauma after the 2001 attacks or natural disasters or war in the US. ”


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