Scientists Examine Scientific Bases in the Background of Figure Skating


Figure skating is known as a sport that has been done for many years and has caused many well-known names around the world. Scientists working on artistic ice skating, which is very enjoyable to watch, explain how thin this sport is actually based on.

A new mathematical model developed by scientists from the University of Alberta, known as one of Canada’s long-established universities, has revealed how artistic figure skaters move on ice. The model is said to be very useful as it will help athletes improve their techniques and prevent injury, as professional skaters explain their movements on ice.

The research, which will play a very effective role in determining the movements performed, revealing what changes should be made in the body and making the best way, seems to be useful for the athletes. Let’s also add that the study is based entirely on 3D modeling and gives quite real results.

A second study will be carried out:

The scientists who conducted the research also conveyed the knowledge that a second study is approaching, which will address this issue more clearly. Reportedly, the second research will include a more detailed breakdown of the skater’s movements. Vaughn Gzenda, one of the scientists who conducted the research, speaks very confident that the study and modeling included the latest information in this area. It is also known that the scientists who have been doing the research have been doing ice skating for long years for entertainment purposes.

The researcher named Meghan Hall is very happy that her hobby, which she has been carrying out for years as one of them, is now handled in science studies and that she is also in this team. Hall says it can be quite fun to change his body on paper with the simulation. We think the benefits of this study, which will be practical for skaters and trainers, will become clearer in the coming days.

Thanks to this study, which will be very useful in training, it is expected to prevent injuries, which are a very important part. It seems that athletes will also be comfortable with the new skate design that will come out as a result of the research. As the work continues, the eyes of the athletes are in new news from Alberta University. You can reach the entire research done here.


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