Scientists Discover the ‘Heartbeat’ of an Energy in Space


Astronomers have encountered an extremely bright structure and an energy that follows an order 15 thousand light years from us. Scientists have not yet figured out how this energy is generated.

The universe that we observe continuously continues to offer us new surprises day by day. Finally, astronomers came across an extremely brightly glowing energy 15,000 light-years from us, and doing it in an orderly way. Scientists nicknamed this event ‘gamma ray heartbeat’.

According to astronomers, the gamma-ray heartbeat may have a mysterious link with the rare ‘microquasar’ star system SS 433. SS 433, the first microquasar system discovered and discovered in 1977, allows us to continue many studies to understand the cosmic mechanism today.

It has a regular structure:

According to scientists, the gamma-ray heartbeat, which has a mysterious nature, has a period of 162 days. According to the study published in Nature Astronomy, this phenomenon observed does not fit the theoretical models published so far and goes beyond the limits of the definitions made.

So what could be the source of this event? Star systems, called microquasars, have all kinds of components that can generate gamma rays. But there is also a strangely different source of gamma rays. This source is Fermi J1913 + 0515, located 100 light-years from the microquasar.

This is why scientists began to investigate whether SS 433 and Jermi J1913 + 0515 are somehow related. The team publishing the study observed that the SS 433’s disk wobbled for 162 days, resulting in the jets of plasma having a spiral structure.

However, the scientists compared the data from Fermi with the data of SS 433. The scientists found that the gamma ray heartbeat coincided with the SS 433’s wobble period as a result of the comparison. But a question remained in mind: How did the 162-day periodicity come about?

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According to scientists, the gamma ray heartbeat was too far for any possible connection with the SS 433 and did not stop in the path of the jets. Therefore, scientists started new studies to investigate how this event occurred. Scientists started to work with the IRAM 30m millimeter radio telescope.



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