Scientists Discover Many Lakes Below the Surface of Mars


In a study conducted by Roma Tre University, it was discovered that there are many lakes under the surface of the Red Planet. The results obtained from this study also support previous findings.

Mars, one of the planets planned to be colonized in the future, has been researched by scientists for years. According to a new scientific study, there are many lakes under the surface of the Red Planet.

The study, led by a team led by Elena Pettinelli from Roma Tre University, used techniques used by scientists in their studies on lakes beneath the Antarctic glaciers. The researchers used a system called MARSIS (Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding) to scan the planet’s surface.

There are many lakes under the surface of the Red Planet

MARSIS sends radar pulses across the planet. These radar pulses reach below the surface of Mars before returning. In a study conducted in 2018, there was a large lake under the surface of Mars, but scientists at that time doubted whether enough data had been collected to conclude that what was found was water.

The new study conducted by Pettinelli confirms the findings obtained in 2018. The data collected by MARSIS indicate that there is liquid water here. In addition, the team that conducted the study discovered that this was not just a large lake, but a network of lakes that could qualify as a solution of hypersalin (having more salinity than seawater).

The salinity of the lake was what enabled the lakes to remain liquid without freezing despite the freezing cold of the south pole of Mars where the lakes are located. Given that liquid water is a requirement for life to exist in the conventional sense, this study could help advance the possibility of alien life on Mars. The team has rolled up their sleeves to take the work further.

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