Scientists Discover Extraterrestrial Superconductors in Meteors


Scientists from the USA have discovered superconductors in the meteroids they have studied in the lab. The researchers explained that these superconductors occur in extraterrestrial environments.

Scientists from the University of California analyzed 15 comet and asteroid samples at the Brookhaven Laboratory in New York. Superconductor was detected in two samples named Mundrabilla and GRA 95205.

In this study on the history of the Solar System, it was discovered that the stones contain substances belonging to the early periods of the system and they contain naturally occurring superconductors outside the world. James Wampler of the University of California said that the detected superconductors were the first superconductors detected to be formed outside the World.

Scientists have characterized superconductors discovered in meteroids as lead, tin and indium alloys. Scientists can obtain new information about the Solar System from this alloy. Researchers say that superconductors can affect the formation of planets, the shape and source of the magnetic fields of planets, the motion of charged particles.

A small asteroid or fragments from comets are known as meteors. When they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, meteorites that start to burn due to friction help researches about the Solar System and space with the substances they bring from the extraterrestrial environment.


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