Scientists Developed a Smart Toilet that Knows the User from the Anal Trail


Researchers from the Stanford University Medical Center have developed a smart toilet for medical purposes that recognizes the wearer by anal scar. The smart toilet is designed to diagnose gastrointestinal health problems in humans.

Although smart products are widely used today, they have never been this close to us. Scientists from Stanford University Medical Center have developed a smart toilet for medical purposes that scans the anal trace of the user.

According to the study published in the journal Nature, researchers have developed a system to monitor people’s defecation and urination process and to analyze their health status by sending the data to the cloud. This system applied to the toilet can give positive results, especially in people with gastrointestinal (stomach and intestine) problems.

Health check with four cameras
The toilet, called Precision Health Toilet, has four cameras. These; stool camera, anus camera and two urodynamic cameras. The cameras enable the toilet to analyze the urine of the wearer and classify the stool according to the Bristol stool scale using deep learning.

Experts used two-factor authentication to associate data from the toilet with the right person. The researchers plan to avoid confusion in communal toilets using both a fingerprint scanner embedded in the siphon arm and the anal trace scanning system we mentioned earlier.

The co-author of the study is Dr. Seung-min Park, “The potential for using the human anus as a biometric identifier is not a new concept. The famous painter Salvador Dali thought that the anus had 35 or 37 curves that are as unique as their fingerprints.” said.

Dr. Park says the smart toilet is the first step in initiating work to diagnose certain diseases and ailments on a larger scale, including benign prostate enlargement, irritable bowel syndrome, and urinary tract infections.


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